Aptly named after the legend John Butt himself and going back to the roots of where it all began. Value for money is key when purchasing this customisable option. Each model is available in a few different floor plans to choose from and can be purchased in an amazingly simplified version depending on one’s needs and pocket. This  option is available throughout our range.  

We introduced the Econo line mid-way thru 2018 with great success. Now you can own a scaled down, simpler version of our boats that is strong and affordable like the rest of our range but at a price point that plays the part. A one size fits all concept with the same layout for each unit. 


We are incredibly proud to announce the arrival of our new Signature Series line of boats. Brought about by our long time passion for boating, now offering something extra special to those who enjoy the finer pleasures our sport has to offer. This line will  feature our bigger boats especially those earmarked for export. Watch this space for our maiden voyage.